Workshops are delicious deep-dives into body-mind management for better performance on stage, in business and in life.

  • Greta Live workshops can be tailored to different spaces, events and purposes.

  • From 30 min speech (with tiny bits of practice) to half a day of practical work

  • For more info, prices and bookings please contact

Focus & Flow

Staying present and focused – an extremely rare skill in the modern day full of distractions. Instead of unproductive and unhealthy multitasking, restlessly wandering mind and scattered focus, with the right tools we can reduce stress, tap into the flow state and opt for the long term productivity.

Tools for stage fright and optimal performance

Whether we're dealing with sales, public speaking or artistic expression, stage fright can be a crippling companion. Thankfully we can get our mind and body work for each other and not against each other. Using the right tricks, and simple but effective tools, we can to optimize our body and mind for performance. Learn to enjoy the process and to present your best self when it's your turn to speak.

A super combo coming up: Vapinakapina is a collaboration with Skylark Productions, offering tools to optimize your body, mind and voice for stage. Due to covid-19 this workshop is not yet officially in the menu, but do contact us already for requests and more information. In the meanwhile, follow us on Facebook.

Writer's yoga

No longer wait for the muse to pay a visit – go meet them instead.

A mind and body opening practices for writers and creatives. We'll learn therapeutic movement to take care and strengthen our writing and sitting down muscles, as well as how to improve our focus and find the stillness required to begin the creative process.

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