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Oh the joy and agony of being a so called multi-passionate. Is there ever enough time to work on ALL the dreams? The general guideline is to focus and think long term. You can achieve much more in a decade than you think, and much less in one day than you'd hope for.

If you're at all like me, you do a little bit of everything and drive a few lanes simultaneously, in the end of a day ending up nowhere. I'm sloely trying to work on developing a hardcore focus. A super-human focus is rare these days and I believe it to be a trait that employers, customers, friends and family members will value to the moon and back.

So how not to be distracted by all the other projects you're passionate about? Stay cool. Schedule them for later. Four hours, a couple days or a year if needed. Focusing on a single matter, reducing your to do list to one and simplifying your daily life has been a great game-changer for me, though still in the process.

Still, sometimes you get lucky enough to combine your skills and passions for one single project. I got that lucky with a Finnish yoga magazine Ananda, where I wrote an article about the yoga teacher training in Nepal, did a photo reportage AND got to pose for the cover. We had a fun photo shoot on an island by Helsinki with a dear photographer friend of mine, and after the shoot my neck looked like blood orange peel. When the issue came out, I was happy as a lamb as within those fresh covers I got to be a writer, a photographer and a yoga poser. Yay! Have a great focus y'all!

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