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Potentially magical

Without magic life turns monochromatic. A gentle reminder paints your way back to life.

You read a book that page after page is making you feel more exposed and understood at the same time. The piece of art sometimes knows you better than your mom does.

Scrolling through your Insta-feed you stop at an image of a place to catch your breath. That's your place. It's pulling you towards it and you know, that even if it takes years, you'll get there.

You meet random people and talk to them for hours without remembering to pee or eat.

You take an accidental turn and the stunning landscape makes your throat ache.

Inexplicable series of events that feels so unreal it has to be designed by a brilliant artist mind.

A cat that madly and unconditionally falls in love with you.

A mystical tarot reading you want to laugh at but can't.

A summer night by a lake reading poems and charging your wands in the moonlight with your sisters.

Unstoppable inspiration to carry out the plan your recent decision just forced you to make.

An artist on the small stage in front of you reminding you of the magic you thought you had lost.

It all exists and is there to be found. Your personal magic.

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