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About connecting to self, to a place and to other people

Feeling disconnected with yourself and the world around you is one of the biggest dissatisfying factors a person can experience in life, leading to a pile of bad decisions, vicious circles and having a harmful impact in both inner and external world.

Growing up with imaginary friends (and some real ones!) and moving houses constantly I learned to force myself to create a connection when there's an obvious lack of it. At the age of 31 I still keep moving houses and countries, and it's become essential to fine-tune my guts for any sign of connection or the lack of it. Some places you connect with, most you don't, and it has nothing to do with logic.

Enjoying intimate encounters more than parties in big groups, plus finding it hard to belong, it's also become essential for me to dig out the gold in the sand. I've made it a personal mission that helps me get rid of the hollow feeling of alienation and loneliness. There's plenty of other aliens out there living on the same planet with you. So look for the diamonds!

And finally, feeling connected to oneself is a key to harmony, happiness and all the rest of it. Ever felt detached from your body, your life and even from the words coming out of you? This blog is for you.

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