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Re-connecting with the traveler's mindset

Miss being on the move? For some reason you've decided to settle down for a bit, but trying to see your old hoods with new eyes feels impossible. Same routes, same thoughts on a loop. You remember vividly how your body felt travelling through where-ever, and now returning to the actual on-going moment shakes it off in an instant. You look around, force yourself into a mindfulness practice and manage to stay interested for a brief moment. Sounds familiar?

Here are listed some tips that help you reconnect with the traveller's mindset and give you a feeling of staying on a move.

Everything is temporary. Now everything really is. This too, is a passing phase. The only certainty is change and even if you hold on to the illusion of being stuck for whatever reason, you most certainly are not. Know how fast things change. Know how you simply cannot know, and that gives you plenty of freedom.

Do unexpected stuff. It's surprisingly hard not to return to the routine and to stay out of the repetitive loop you escaped in the first place. Being a spontaneous traveller who sees all the possibilities does not come automatically when you're back home. Do break the routine, unless you're in love with it.

Make plans. Or don't plan at all. Making new travel plans can provide great relief. The other option is to not make plans for longer than the following month or so, when it comes to things that will tie you down. I've always been amazed how people can plan their lives years ahead.

Be in the right company. Returning to maintain the same tired relationships that serve no-one is likely to push your feeling of progress downhill in a steep slide. Stick to the important people but do not refrain from making new, quality friends back home.

Know who you are and embrace that. Don't let anyone change you against yourself. Nothing makes a person more bitter than looking back and wondering at which point you completely lost yourself.

Don't concern yourself with what others think. Because others are very busy with themselves. And it they are not, they're not the ones that live your life. And if they do live your life, they shouldn't. If they still are, the slick route to bitterness guaranteed for you, my friend.

Underline the things you have loved the past week and the past month. I know one must learn to live in the moment in order be happy. You can do any kind of meditation and listen to self-help gurus and they will all advice on the practice of gratitude. If needed, plenty of guidance for that can be found online. In the end, you can not be sure the next travel is even out there. Why not to practice the mindset while at home or staying put.

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