Salt Room Yoga

Tuesday chill
Salt & Champagne
Mikonkatu 20, Helsinki

17:30 | 60 min | 39 €

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Salt yoga therapy | Salt & Champagne | Helsinki

The ultimate relaxing experience combining halotherapy and yoga in a beautiful oasis in the centre of Helsinki. Sink your feet in the salt crystals and inhale the fine salt dust, while following therapeutic movement and breathing exercises on comfy chairs. One session fits only four to guarantee a calm and intimate experience. No prior experience in yoga needed, suitable for all levels. It's recommended to wear comfortable clothing that enables movement.


Salt therapy, or halotherapy, has been around for centuries as a natural treatment for skin and respiratory issues, such as asthma and allergies. It is also an effective treatment for boosting immune system as well as athletic and vocal performance.

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Looking for the perfect feel-good gift for your team?

Book a private salt room yoga session at your preferred time. Start a weekend with a Friday afterwork session finished with a class of Champagne, or include the relaxation to your wellness day. Treat yourself and the people you care about!

Price per session starting from 160 € + VAT

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