Private Coaching

Find out what works for you. Then create space for it to work its magic.

Need a change?

There is no magic bullet that suits everyone. Yin-yoga is not for everyone. Gluten free diet is not for everyone. Fasting is not for everyone, nor does everyone need to go to bed early. There are millions of “magic fixes” to wellness, according to the people that swear by them. None of them is you. So how do we find out what actually works for us? We need to develop understanding for what makes us feel healthier, more energized, spacious, clear, light and strong. A bit happier, a bit more ourselves. That means we must re-connect with yourselves and maybe allow some outside help in the process.

Mind-Body Coaching might be for you, if…

… you would like to understand what you need or want

… you’ve tried a million things and don’t seem to commit to anything

… you can’t get started with creating better routines

… you'd want someone to support you and gently kick you in the butt

… you’d like a tailored yoga/meditation/mindfulness exercise program, that suits your needs and life situation

… you’d like a private yoga coach, a personal trainer who doesn’t make you go to the gym

… you’d like to practice when it suits you, where it suits you

What actually happens?

  • We’ll start with scanning through your situation, pin down your goals, needs and wants for mind and body, and work from that.

  • You will get an exercise routine that works with you and helps you make the change you need.

  • We’ll meet (live or online) once a week or 1-2 times per month, according to your needs. In between you have the chance to ask and to check in.

  • You will get the support to keep you going for your goals.

  • When there are areas I can’t cover, I will make sure to point you out to the right direction. Whether it’s about nutrition, therapy, career counseling or anything else I’m opinionated but not qualified in.

  • You will get a workbook to help journal the progress

  • Most importantly, you won’t be left alone.

    Don't hesitate to contact me for more information and private coaching. The pricing depends on the meeting frequency and starts from 60 € / session.