• reettalinnea8

Why I Started Teaching Yoga

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

As a teacher I aim to bring yoga outside it's comfort zone, adjusting the practice to alternative places and occasions. I like to combine yoga with art and self expression, whether it's the practice space or a workshop context. During a class I focus on mental and physical support according to people's personal practice. My personal goal is to help people feel alive and aligned.

Trying to choose a tagline for my yoga service is a pain in the ass (and not the sweet kind that you get in a glute stretch). It could be yoga to connect, to free, to empower, to boost creativity, to fall in love with life, to bring joy, to transform... Sounds big, but quite frankly it is. Yoga is not a single key to happiness, but certainly unlocks some essential doors.

I decided to specialize in therapeutic hatha yoga, as it serves as a great place to begin the process of re-connecting with oneself. It suits for complete beginners as well as people with special needs, and does not have a lot of requirements space or equipment-wise. Plus it allows lots of creativity.

In my experience the most transformation happens between zero and one. A firm decision to change something in ones life carries far. Even more than the numerous physical health benefits I'm interested in the ways yoga affects our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. We become more confident and free within ourselves, and it doesn't hurt that it's pure fun to do.

Quite often our everyday lives feel like sloshing around in a muddy pond of mundane. We make sure everyone else is happy while we survive. Yoga is a great tool to support the transformation we naturally tend to be afraid of. It's a natural drug enhancing our senses, releasing emotional blocks and making us feel alive and giggly. In my experience and that of many more, yoga brings joy to the world of productivity and efficiency.

My yogic background is in Ashtanga yoga and martial arts, as well as various forms of meditation, which all have something in common: they are empowering practices that also help create better connection to self, to others and to the environment.

If you don’t fit in the image of a blissfully smiling yogi sitting on the grass in a perfect lotus, well neither do I. The feeling of not fitting in "the scene”, and not really wanting to either, put me off the practice for a long time. It’s not the fault of the practice , it's the mainstream imagery related to it. Try google videos of people doing yoga in prisons, daycare and when they’re 90 years old to see the real benefits spread wide (like your legs when you start practicing).

​ In my experience yoga not only helps people with back issues, but also helps find joy, express emotions and feel confident – so personally I can't imagine a better practice for this time. It’s an empowering tool that I’ll continue to study, teach and most importantly, practice. I hope you'll join me!