Creating connections through art and journalism

As a self-taught photographer I'm always looking for new ways to portray what might normally left unnoticed. We live in a highly visual world full of special effects, and to grab someone's attention we need to find authentic connection on a deeper level. Photography, as any form of art, helps reflect our desires and emotions as well as bring up the big revelations. Light play and colourscapes are powerful tools tin creating moods and transmitting messages. What message do you want to transmit and why?

I specialize in artist portraits and atmospheric documentary photography – bringing out the magic in mundane. I'm fascinated by underlying moods and bringing subconscious to the surface. Rules I find less interesting.

I've done journalism (writing and photography) for various media as well as commissions for private clients and organizations. Here you can find my portfolio, do contact me for more information and orders.


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