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I work with corporations, non-profits and social organizations to offer therapeutic movement and mindfulness tools. At the moment Greta Live offers

For more on the subject, do read my blog post Back to the Body - Sustainable productivity through focus and flow

Mind Body Prime – 10 sessions course program

Mind Body Prime is a program for knowledge workers and creative communities, introducing therapeutic movement and mindfulness techniques for optimal performance. Creative thinking and sustainable productivity need space that is not inhabited by chronic stress, and work flows effortlessly in a state of joy. When your body and mind are open and optimized to carry your mental power, you amplify the results while enjoying the process.

This program is for those, who look to

  • Improve focus

  • Create space in mind and body

  • Reduce stress

  • Take care of the most common problem areas in body

  • Enhance creativity

  • Boost sustainable productivity

  • Increase physical and mental well being

You'll learn to easily incorporate mind-body practices into your daily life, without an overwhelming effort or additional preparation or tools. By taking a moment from your busy day you'll end up having more time in your hands due to better focus and easier access to the flow state. In this program we combine

  • Therapeutic movement by the desk to keep the most common problem areas in check

  • Mindfulness exercises such as working with senses, focused attention, body scan and visualization

  • Breath work to manage nervous system and reduce stress

  • Tips and tools for mindfulness in daily life

The course is carried out online (Zoom, Teams or other platform), so people can come together and attend from their home office.

Optional recording of the sessions for the client's internal distribution, so one can practice later when it suits them.

For requests, please contact

Mind Body Pro – 10 sessions Advanced program

The course deepens the knowledge gained on Mind Body Prime program, focusing on ten most important tools for mental and physical performance in knowledge work. The program allows you to dive deeper into each subject introduced on the first course, whether it's about maintaining back health in everyday work life or learning to create mental space.

For more information and requests,
please contact

In special occasions I do in-house yoga sessions and classes at themed events. Please contact for a request.

"We try to build our co-working place around new ways of work. A fancy string of words: work smart not hard. So well-being is an important part of our office culture.


In house yoga sessions can help our members to be more productive and stress resistant. Plus its a great communication tool. Members have the opportunity to meet each other in off-work environment, without actually leaving the office space, and feel more relaxed and connected to one another."

Nadia H. / Brand manager at Wonderland Work

"The most relaxing moment of the day is when I get to go to Reetta's yoga class.  💛💛 A calm yoga class caring for your body is the best way to begin or end a work day. Perfect balance for office work.

Saija S., Helsinki

It's been such a priviledge to attend Reetta's yoga classes during the work day. Gentle but efficient, it helps unlock the body and improve balance.  👍

Päivi T., Helsinki

Workplace yoga by Reetta @ Wonderland Work, amazing stuff – the perfect wounterweight for curling up by the computer. Works with yogis of all levels.

Pasi K., Helsinki

The weekly yoga class at the office is a perfect opportunity to quiet down and focus on self-care. When yoga comes to you, it's much harder not to attend. It's an instant relief to the back pain and neck problems, plus it contributes to the long term well-being.

Katri B., Helsinki

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