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Yoga For The Lively Minded

Minä Olen magazine did a story on Greta Live Yoga.
Author: Jenni Arbelius.

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(Published in Minä olen magazine 4/2019, written by Jenni Arbelius, here's my rough translation to English)

Yoga teacher Reetta Linnea, 33, has realized that one can use yoga very precisely to meet one’s personal needs. Modern yoga does not mean perfect bodies tucked inside perfect clothes, nor does it need to be practiced in a perfectly lit yoga studio surrounded by other perfect bodies. One does not need to excel lotus position with a euphoric smile on their face.

– I want to bring yoga where I believe it’s needed the most. I work with minorities such as the LGBT community, asylum seekers, artists, performers and writers. I also teach yoga in a place called Wonderland, a co-working that brings together creatives and freelancers from all fields. They’re pleased that someone comes to their workplace regularly to acknowledge their back and shoulder issues.

Reetta herself is a multi-passionate, who used to work in music business and as an art producer. What has stayed is art, that now serves as sort of a frame and undertone to everything she does.

Besides teaching yoga, she writes and photographs. Reetta has her own business that she’s built around what she loves doing in life.


– I didn’t know how to fit in the yoga scene. Then I realised one can apply it exactly the way one wants. I needed yoga that is empowering, artistic and personal. In my practice I was looking for freedom and authenticity, a way to return to myself and tap into my potential. Become the best version of myself, as they say.

Reetta teaches yoga to people who need help in the same things she does: focus, writing, creativity and stage fright.

– Those are all things yoga has helped me manage. For example, when I’m on the mat, there’s always a notebook next to it. Yoga helps empty the head and bring out new ideas. That’s also how I got the idea of teaching yoga to writers.

She also teaches yoga to performers, such as singers and public speakers, together with a singer / singing teacher Marjaana Pakkanen. They both suffer from stage and had to find a way to manage it.

– We’ve both noticed the huge difference it makes, when you open up your body and tap into its power. It’s both physical and mental at the same time. If you’re too nervous before giving a speech, your whole body is on alert and blocked. Your voice might be shaky, small and strange. We create tools that combine tension release, stress management ja vocal training to deliver the message as well as possible.


Also the focus training with yoga has its roots in Reetta’s own experience. She’s a lively-minded person with a billion ideas and limited time resources. Doing multiple projects simultaneously holds a risk that nothing really gets finished. Yoga has proven to help immensely.

– In my opinion employers should no longer hire “great multitaskers”, but look for people who are able to focus and finish one thing at a time. Yoga improves concentration, that is essential in order for person to tap into the flow state. In flow the work is based on joy, and things run effortlessly. Everything just seems to work out.