I'm Reetta Linnea, a Helsinki-based mind-body instructor, photographing writer and an art project maker, with an endless curiosity towards creativity and connections. I believe we need more presence than ever, more adventure than office hours and more authentic people who feel great about themselves.

I help organizations, communities and private customers optimize their mind-body connection for better performance in arts, business and life. My approach in wellness blends in techniques from therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, visualization and forms of creativity and self expression. My professional background in music business and performing arts still affects everything I do today. Over the years I have worked with major record labels, indie theater houses and international consultancy agencies.

As a self-taught photographer I love to experiment with moods and atmosphere, and mix art with documentary. I specialize in artist portraits and atmospheric photography – bringing out the magic in mundane. I'm fascinated by undertows and bringing subconscious to the surface. Feel free to browse through my gallery.

In the core of what I do is written and spoken word. I write journalistic, commercial and artistic content for media, organizations and private clients. For examples of content, please see my portfolio site.