Reetta Linnea is a Finnish mind-body coach, a photographing writer and an art producer, whose mission is to help people feel more connected to themselves and to others.



Written content for journalistic, artistic and commercial purposes


Artist portraits and atmospheric documentary photography






Greta Live coaches organizations, communities and private customers in optimizing their mind and body for better performance in arts, business and life.

Her approach blends in techniques from therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, visualization and forms of creativity and self expression.


Speaking & Workshops

Instant tools for optimizing your mind-body communication in business, on stage and in life. Topics from sustainable productivity and deeper creativity to self expression and stage fright.

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Course Programs

Mind Body Prime and Mind Body Pro course programs for knowledge workers and creative communities.

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Private Coaching

Tired of wellness advice? Finding out what works for you requires creating a better understanding of your needs and developing an ability to listen.

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Open events

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I highly recommend Greta Live, especially the private tutoring! She truly listens what you want and makes you a perfect "program" that you can practice on your own without a fear of hurting yourself. She pushes you to the point where you are going a bit further than you thought you could, but still safe and happy.

—  Heidi B., Helsinki