I'm Reetta Linnea, a Helsinki-based mind-body instructor and a photographing writer, whose mission is to help people create better connection to themselves and to others. Do check out what I can offer you and don't hesitate to contact me.

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I currently focus on working with private clients and communities, and due to covid-19 most events are held online. Please follow Greta Live Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming events.


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​"I highly recommend Greta Live Yoga, especially the private tutoring! She truly listens what you want and makes you a perfect "program" that you can practice on your own without a fear of hurting yourself. She pushes you to the point where you are going a bit further than you thought you could, but still safe and happy."

Heidi B., Helsinki

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Tools for organizations

I work with corporations, non-profits and social organizations to offer therapeutic movement and mindfulness tools. At the moment Greta Live offers

  • Gentle movement and mindfulness programs

  • Workshops (scroll down a notch)

Whether you're a business or a non-profit, do check out what I can offer your community.


Writer's yoga

No longer wait for the muse to pay a visit – go meet them instead.

A mind and body opening hatha yoga practice for writers and creatives. We'll learn therapeutic movement to take care and strengthen our writing and sitting down muscles, as well as how to improve our focus and find the stillness required to begin the creative process.
Find out more.

Focus & Flow

Staying present and focused – an extremely rare skill in the modern day full of distractions. Instead of unproductive and unhealthy multitasking, restlessly wandering mind and scattered focus, with the right tools we can reduce stress, tap into the flow state and opt for the long term productivity. Find out more.

One-on-one coaching

Private mind-body coaching tailored to your needs. Suitable  for you if you need

  • An action plan and support for self-care

  • A personal yoga and mindfulness instructor

  • A boost for self-awareness, self-confidence and self-expression

  • More space and focus, less stress and anxiety

    Find out more


Greta Live & Skylark Productions:

Tools for stage fright and optimal performance

A new course coming up for performers and people who speak for work: How to manage your mind, body and voice to create your optimal performance in public speaking and on stage.

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Due to Covid-19 the beginning of the full program has been delayed. If you're interested in a workshop on the subject please don't hesiteate to contact me.


I specialize in artist portraits and atmospheric documentary photography – I like to look for the magic in mundane. I'm fascinated by underlying moods and bringing subconscious to the surface. 

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